A magazine for the love of the craft & business of game making.
Designed for everyone, beginners to professionals.
A physical magazine for game makers of every kind. Indies to AAA developers, hobbyists to seasoned professionals.

Articles that span: Interviews, tutorials, postmortems, opinions, critiques, getting started, industry news etc. With a focus on hard data and away from hand waiving advice.

All written by the broad spectrum of people who make games.
Product Specs
  • 60 - 80 pages
  • Perfect Bound
  • Full Colour Printing
  • Intimately Sized
  • (14.8 × 21 cm / 5.8 × 8.3 in)
I am looking for great unpublished articles about interesting experiments, postmortems, sound design tips, strange art styles, sales data, detailed tutorials and anything really related to making games!

How to Submit
  • 1. Write an article 250 - 1000 words
  • 2. Grab some supporting screenshots
  • 3. Remember to write down what games / programs the screenshots are from
  • 4. Submit by Clicking Here
Make Games Magazine is made by JHOMAS out of Ontario, Canada. He has been making games for most of his life and doesn't plan on stopping now.